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“As I unclutter my life, I free myself to answer the callings of my soul.” Wayne Dyre

Is your stuff getting on top of you? Does your organised chaos need some order? Would you like your home (and your mind) to feel calmer, clearer and more organised?

Welcome to Clear the Clutter. I love organising and I’m looking forward to working with you.

What I do

Following a complimentary chat and consultation when we will discuss the services you require and how long your decluttering or organising project will take. If you decide you’d like us to work together, I can help you:

  • organise rooms to flow and function more easily
  • clear out and organise your wardrobes and drawers
  • sort and store toys, books, photos or anything else you need organising
  • tackle your home or office paperwork
  • sort out small but annoying areas such as cutlery drawers and bathroom cabinets
  • devise storage solutions and optimise the space you have.
  • label effectively
  • destroy dumping grounds
  • sort post, make appointments and manage small projects
  • PA / concierge services
  • determine what you need and what you can recycle, reuse, return or be rid of
  • create long-term strategies to keep you clutter free

The Benefits

Tidy life = tidy mind is a cliché but it’s a cliché because it’s true! Organising and decluttering can mean that you need to get rid of stuff but look at the stuff it adds to your life:

  • Time – an organised space means that you can find things more easily.
  • Space – most people have enough storage space. Once you organise and declutter, you will be amazed at the additional space you can create.
  • Clarity and focus – study after study has found that being surrounded by stuff and clutter takes its toll on your mind. A cluttered space can make you feel restless. When you organise a declutter, it literally takes a load off you mind making it easier to focus on other areas.
  • Concentration – linked to the point above; less stuff to focus on improves your concentration.
  • Improved sleep – it’s been proven that calm and organised space can clear the mind and improve quality and length of sleep.
  • Better mood – at a very basic level, think about how much better you can feel about life in general if you tidy out a drawer or your wardrobe ( or is that just me??). Apply that feeling to a bigger space and you can see how getting organised improves your mood.

Why work with me?

Clear the Clutter’s clients are a mixed bunch. I help people wanting to move on after bereavement, people who are getting divorced, married or moving in with someone, people moving house, people downsizing, families moving loved ones into sheltered accommodation, people who are time poor and folks who need a bit of help with jobs or areas of their home or business that have got on top of them.

Some people are worried about the state of their home before I arrive. Please don’t be. I love helping to bring order and create calm. I don’t judge; I enable you to sort out your things and declutter your space.

Alternatively, I can support you to organise and declutter long distance by using Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp or phone.

I prefer to work with people to organise, declutter and create spaces they want to live or work in. By doing so, you will develop methods and strategies to maintain your space after I leave.

I’m also happy to be given a brief and continue alone so if there is an area of your home that you would like sorting and are able to instruct me, I can organise it for you.


Once you have contacted Clear the Clutter, we will organise a 20-minute free consultation to establish what you need and why you need it. Following that, I will come back to you with a plan detailing approximate timescales and costs. I charge £25 – £35 an hour depending on the size and scale of the job.

Up to 3 hours work = £35 an hour

3 – 6 hours work = £30 an hour

Over 6 hours= £25 an hour


I am happy to travel up to a 10 mile radius free of charge around my home in Cullercoats. Anything over that will be charged at 45p a mile. If I need to venture through the Tyne Tunnel, I will add the toll to the costs of the work.

Recycling, selling, donating, disposing

I can help you do all of the above if required. These services would be charged separately and we can discuss this as part of the initial consultation.

Gift Vouchers

If you know somebody who needs and wants to “Clear the Clutter” – why not buy it for them? Clear the Clutter gift vouchers can be purchased in any denomination and can be posted or emailed to the lucky recipient.


How long does an organising / decluttering session take?
  • That really depends upon how much you want to do and your decision making process. It can be helpful to book a preliminary 3 – 4 hour session to tackle a room or a set of belongings and from that, you can decide if you’d like us to expand into other areas or you are equipped to go it alone.
  • If you are very clear on how much you’d like to achieve, I will be able to give you a more definite timescale and therefore quote for the work.
Which areas do you cover?
  • I’m very happy to work anywhere (decluttering needed in the Bahamas anyone?) but North Tyneside and particularly Cullercoats is my home and where my business is based. For that reason, I do add a mileage charge to any quotes for work which is more than 10 miles from Cullercoats. I will explain this as part of our preliminary consultation.
What will I need to do before or during a session?

A couple of things:

  • Have an open mind. Presumably you’ve got in touch with Clear the Clutter because you want to make a change so start to think about how you would like to feel at the end of the session and what you might be willing to let go of to make that change.
  • Generally, I find that once sorted, most people have enough storage space and solutions so please don’t buy boxes or shelving in advance as this may only create more clutter. If you do need additional storage, we can discuss this as part of the work and agree on the best method.
Will you make me throw stuff out?

·         My favourite definition of an organiser and declutterer is” someone who supports evaluation, decision making and action around objects and space.”  Therefore, I hope you will realise that I won’t “make” you do anything but will help you decide what is of value and adds purpose to your space and your life.  

Do you have insurance?

Yes, Clear the Clutter has both public liability and professional indemnity insurance. I am also a proud member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers. Click the logo at the bottom of the page for more information.


Cath – you have sorted me out; removed my guilt; and smartened me up. It has quite honestly been revitalising and that feels fantastic. THANK YOU!

Sue – July 2018

“Cath came into my life just at the right time. Things were piling up and gathering dust. Toys were everywhere and I had no systems or places for all my ‘stuff’. With two young children and as a single mum I needed help! A few hours with Cath at my house and I feel much more relaxed and organised now. I now have a tidy house and a relaxed mind! Brilliant! I’ll definitely be asking Cath to come back when I’m ready to tackle the upstairs!”

Sarah – June 2018 Cullercoats

“I am one of those people who doesn’t think they’re a hoarder, but I have come to realise that maybe I am! I just put things in piles and tell myself to sort them out later. Sadly later never comes for me and the piles sit there gathering dust.

Enter Cath. She was like a breath of fresh air for me. She immediately worked out a system for how we’d tackle the ground floor of my house. She considered how we lived in the spaces and worked out how it’d best work for us. She suggested one room for all the toys, and asked me to clear out some boxes of things that I no longer used, and reallocated then as toy storage boxes. All feels so much more orderly now and the kids love being able to go and take toys out from their boxes – and putting them away again!

We ended up after 5 hours with items to throw, items to give away, items to sell and items to store for later. Cath’s philosophy was don’t put anything in the loft unless you are genuinely keeping it for a purpose, or for kids when they’re bigger. Otherwise it’ll stay there until you move house. I’m sure she’s right. Cath was quite brilliant and has left me with a tidier house, and a calmer mind. I’ll definitely be getting her back soon!”

Sarah – June 2018 Tynemouth

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