Moving House

“Moving was a great idea until I started packing…”

…said pretty much everybody who has ever moved house. Clear the Clutter helps clients declutter and get organised before moving making the unpacking process straightforward. Susan explains what CtC did for her:

“I was undertaking a move from a large family home, to a smaller house that required a full renovation. Meantime I would be living in a small bungalow. The scale of the organisation required to achieve this seemed insurmountable. A friend told me of Cath’s service.

From the time we met up she took control of the whole organisation around the move; sourcing removal companies to give quotes, arranging a company to remove all rubbish and unwanted items post clear-out. We spent a couple of days packing up my house into ‘items for storage’ and ‘items to go to rental property’. What Cath helped me achieve in 2 days I believe I could not have done in 2 weeks, on my own! Her calm, gentle approach enabled me to get the job done efficiently. She recognised and took the lead when things seemed a little overwhelming. Her approach always kind, yet professional. The process was stress-free, which amazed me. That was without doubt, down to Cath’s planning.

I really cannot recommend her enough.”