New decluttering business announces new partnership with St Oswald’s

One of the North East’s newest businesses is celebrating National Organising week with a new partnership. Clear the Clutter is a professional organising and decluttering company that helps people achieve order and space in their home or workspace. Cath Hindle set up the business earlier this year after recognising the organisation and people coaching skills gained via her previous role with NewcastleGateshead Initiative could be applied at a personal level. Working with a range of clients from bereaved families looking to sensitively clear a love one’s home to busy families who require help and energy to organise their homes, Cath was delighted to be approached by St Oswald’s who asked her to work in partnership. Cath said:

“Clear the Clutter’s mission is to help people organise and simplify their lives. This usually means
getting rid of things to create more space. Therefore the partnership with St Oswald’s is perfect as by donating my client’s unwanted items to St Oswald’s, I can reassure them that their stuff is going to a good home, will generate money for an iconic North East charity and won’t end up in landfill. It’s a service I’m proud to offer and I hope the partnership will prompt more people who need some help or energy to tackle clutter in their homes to get in touch.”

Cath Hindle, Clear the Clutter

Cath is a member of APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers that is running its fifth annual NOW National Organising Week this autumn. APDO members will also convene at various charities or not-for-profit organisations across the UK to ‘donate-a-day’ of their time and organising skills. Whether it’s improving efficiency by revising the flow of donated goods through the charity’s stockrooms or enhancing the lending experience for a community toy library, APDO will be making a notable impact at local level during NOW.

APDO created NOW to promote the benefits of organisation, including (to name a few):

  • a calmer mind
  • greater productivity
  • improved time management
  • revitalised relationships
  • increased creativity

Katherine Blackler, APDO President (SortMySpace) says “National Organising Week is an exciting time for our members to share their accrued knowledge and natural skills with the UK’s public to help them
overcome organisational obstacles in their home or work. We’re on a mission to make everyday life that little bit easier for individuals, families and organisations. We would love to hear how we’ve inspired you to change something.”

About Clear the Clutter: Clear the Clutter was established earlier this year by Cath Hindle. Cath has spend the last 20 years organising people and businesses latterly for NewcastleGateshead Initiative. She now uses these skills to help people sort out their busy lives and create calm and useful spaces in their homes and offices. Cath also helps people downsize, digitally declutter and works with bereaved families to sensitively clear houses.

About APDO: APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers represents the UK decluttering and organising industry. Founded in 2004, it is now a thriving professional community with nearly 300 accredited experts across the UK and internationally. The APDO online directory helps clients find a local organiser. APDO also provides training courses for professional organisers in London and Manchester.